Collateral Beauty

Executive Producer of ‘Collateral Beauty,’ a story centered on Howard Inlet, a New York advertising executive, who suffers a terrible personal tragedy that sends his life into a downward spiral where he refuses to connect with anyone around him.

When his co-workers come up with an unorthodox plan to get him out of this depressive state, it works in ways they could not have possibly fathomed.

Will Smith headlines a star studded ensemble cast including Edward Norton, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, and Keira Knightley. The project was written by Allan Loeb. The rights were acquired in May 2015 by Palmstar Media and Windy Hill Pictures. David Frankel (Devil Wears Prada, Marley & Me) is set to direct.

Overbrook Entertainment, Anonymous Content, PalmStar Media and Likely Story are teaming to produce. PalmStar is fully financing. Individual producers include Kevin Scott Frakes, Anthony Bregman, Michael Sugar, Bard Darros and Allan Loeb.

Hacksaw Ridge

Executive Producer of ‘Hacksaw Ridge,’ based on a true story about the life of American World War II army medic, Desmond T. Doss. Drafted in April 1942, Doss refused carry a weapon into combat because of his personal beliefs as a Seventh-day Adventist. He consequently became the first conscientious objector in American history.

While serving in the Pacific as an unarmed Army medic, he saved the lives of dozens of fellow soldiers under fire on Okinawa. He was later rewarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, America's highest military award for acts of personal valor.

Andrew Garfield, who has starred as the superhero Spiderman, will portray Desmond Doss. Vince Vaughn and Sam Worthington will co-star. The film will be directed by Mel Gibson, who won the Academy Award for directing Braveheart. The screenplay was written by Robert Schenkkan and Randall Wallace.

The project is being led by producers Bill Mechanic, David Permut, Bruce Davey, Terry Benedict, Brian Oliver, and Tyler Thompson. The film will be released domestically by Lionsgate in 2016.


Executive Producer of ‘Submergence,’ the story of James More and Danielle Flinders. James is a water engineer who is taken hostage in Somalia by Jihadist fighters who suspect he is a spy. Danielle is a biomathematician working on a deep sea-diving project to support her theory of the origin of life on the planet.

James and Danny met a few weeks earlier in an isolated hotel on the Atlantic coast, where they were both preparing for their dangerous missions. The last thing they had in mind was falling in love: they recognize in each other the love of their lives, except they’re now worlds apart, unable to reach each other. As Danny descends to the ocean floor, she doesn’t even know if James is still alive.

The film is based on the novel by J.M. Ledgard from a screenplay by Erin Dignam. Veteran filmmaker Wim Wembers will direct. The role of Danny will be played by Alicia Vikander, who just won the Academy Award for her supporting role in The Danish Girl. The role of James will be played by James McAvoy, who stars as Charles Xavier in the X-men film series.

The film is a German, Spanish, French co-production and is produced by Cameron Lamb. Executive Producers include Jean-Baptiste Babin, Robert Barnum, Kevin Frakes, Joel Thibout, and Lisa Wolofsky.

John Wick: Chapter Two

The continuing adventures of former hitman, John Wick.

The writer of John Wick, Derek Kolstad, returns for the screenplay. Chad Stahelski, the director of John Wick returns to direct. Keanu Reeves returns to star.

The project is produced by Basil Iwanyck and his Thunder Road team. Executive Producers include Robert Bernacchi, Kevin Scott Frakes, Buddy Patrick, David Leitch, Chad Stahelshi, and Jeff Waxman.

Summitt Entertainment will release the film February 10, 2017.


Executive Producer of 'Legend' a crime based thriller about twin brothers Ron and Reggie Kray who became involved in London organized crime during the 1940's and 50's. The twins join forces with influential gangster Leslie Payne who wants the boys to run a local nightclub/casino.

Ron's aggressive mental instability causes issues between the twins. As his life spirals out of control, he calls for the murder of his partner Payne. Hearing this, Payne goes to the police and the twins are arrested for previous crimes. Ron is sent to a mental hospital and Reggie is sentenced to 33 years in prison. Reggie is particularly heartbroken as he loses the love of his life to suicide.

he project is written and directed by Brian Helgeland, who won an Academy Award for his LA Confidential adapted screenplay. Tom Hardy gives an exceptional performance as Ron and Reggie Kray. Hardy recently starred in the blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road, and was previously in The Dark Night Rises and Inception.

The project is produced by Tim Bevan, Chris Clark, Quentin Curtis, Eric Fellner, and Brian Oliver. StudioCanal is releasing internationally. Universal is releasing domestically on December 2, 2015.

The True Memoirs of an International Assassin

Executive Producer of True Memoirs of an International Assassin. When nerdy accountant Joe Schmidt finally lands a publishing deal for his crime fiction novel about international assassin Colt Rodgers, he thinks his dreams have finally come true. That is, until the publishing firm releases his book as a non-fiction story, and the entire world believes he’s a cold-blooded killer in retirement.

When Joe decides to go to Belize to escape from the madness, Joe must navigate between warring drug lords, C.I.A. agents, and murder plots—all while pretending to be the most infamous, skilled assassin the world has ever seen.

Kevin James will star as Joe Schmidt. James recently reprised the role of Paul Blart in Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. He is most well-known for his hit TV show The King of Queens.

Kick-Ass 2 helmer Jeff Wadlow will direct the Black List script by Jeff Morris. Todd Garner, who produced the Paul Blart films, will produce with Kevin Frakes, Raja Collins, Justin Begnaud, and Raj Brinder Singh. Jeff Sussman and PalmStar Media’s Mark Fasano will be executive producers. Good Universe will sell international at the Cannes Film Market.


Executive Producer of “31,” the story of five carnival workers who are kidnapped on the night before Halloween and held hostage in a secret compound known as Murder World. While trapped inside this man-made Hell, they have twelve hours to survive a terrifying game called 31 in which ‘The Heads’ – murderous maniacs dressed as clowns – are released to hunt them down and kill them.

The project is written and directed by Rob Zombie, who recently remade Halloween, Halloween II, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, and The Lords of Salem.

Alchemy will release the film domestically in October 2015. Protagonist Pictures will handle foreign sales. The film is produced by Matthew Perniciaro under his Bow and Arrow Entertainment banner.


Executive Producer of "Exposed." After Isabel (de Armas) watches a man step into think air on the subway platform, she is certain that she has witnessed a miracle. The next day, Detective Joey Harper is found dead in her neighborhood with one of her shoes nearby. His partner, Detective Scott Galban (Reeves), is assigned to the case.

As he investigates further, he begins to unravel secrets about Joey that the police would rather remain hidden.

The film is written and Directed by Gee Malik Linton, who is making his directorial debut. The film will be produced by Keanu Reeves, Robin Gurland, Katie Mustard, and Daniel Grodnik. Fortitude International is handling international rights and Lionsgate/Grindstone will release the film in 2015.

Sing Street

Inspired by John Carney's childhood and love of music, "Sing Street" is set in 1980's Dublin and follows a teenage boy named Cosmo as he's forced out of his comfortable private-school bubble and into a rough-and-tumble public school, where he forms a ragtag band, starts shooting scrappy music videos, and falls in love.

John Carney (Once) is the writer and director. Bono and The Edge of U2 will be involved in the film's music as well as the film itself.

Anthony Bregman and Carney are producing in partnership with Kevin Scott Frakes, Raj Brinder Singh, Paul Trijbits and Christian Grass. FilmNation is handling international sales, while the Weinstein Company will release domestically in 2015.

The Whole Truth

Executive Producer of "The Whole Truth," a courtroom drama surrounding the murder of an affluent, philandering businessman, Boone Lassiter. Richard Ramsey, a defense attorney, is hired by the Lassiter family to defend Boone’s son, Mike, who was found at the scene of the crime. It appears to be a closed case – Mike is guilty. His fingerprints were found on the murder weapon and he has confessed to the crime.

The case seems hopeless for Ramsey; his client is very difficult to work with. Ultimately, Mike takes the stand and reveals some eye-opening facts. The screenplay is written by Nicholas Kazan and the film will be directed by Courtney Hunt.

The film will star Keanu Reeves and Renée Zellweger. Reeves is the star of several blockbuster films, including The Matrix series and Speed. Zellweger won the Academy Award in Cold Mountain for her supporting role as Ruby. She has also starred in Chicago, Jerry McGuire, and Cinderella Man. The Whole Truth will be her first feature film in five years.

The project will be produced by Anthony Bregman, Kevin Scott Frakes, and Raj Brinder Singh. Production credits include Palmstar Entertainment and Likely Story. The movie begins principal photography July 7, 2014 in New Orleans. The film will be released in 2015.

Here Lies Love

Windy Hill is excited to announce its first theatrical production, "Here Lies Love." The show recounts the life of the former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos'. From her humble origins, Imelda began her career as a local singer and beauty queen in Manila. She was courted by President Ferdinand Marcos and the couple wed 10 days later. Imelda held political positions that allowed her to travel the world and accumulate a vast fortune of riches while her country remained in extreme poverty.

President Marcos was accused of the assassination of Benigno Aquino, which led to the People Power Revolution and ultimately, forced the Marcoses out of office and into exile.

Here Lies Love was conceived by David Byrne, and features lyrics by Byrne, music by Byrne and Fatboy Slim, additional music by Tom Gandey and J Pardo, and choreography by Annie-B Parson.

Within a pulsating dance club atmosphere, Here Lies Love is neither a period piece nor a biography, neither a play nor a traditional musical, but an immersive theatrical event combining songs influenced by four decades of dance music, adrenaline-fueled choreography, and a remarkable 360-degree scenic and video environment to celebrate Imelda's meteoric rise to political prominence and subsequent tragic consequences of her well-documented abuse of power. To see a preview click here

American Ultra

Executive producer of "American Ultra," a fast-paced action comedy about Mike (Eisenberg), a seemingly hapless and unmotivated stoner whose small-town life with his live-in girlfriend, Phoebe (Stewart), is suddenly turned upside down.

Unbeknownst to him, Mike is actually a highly trained, lethal sleeper agent. In the blink of an eye, as his secret past comes back to haunt him, Mike is thrust into the middle of a deadly government operation and is forced to summon his inner action-hero in order to survive.

The film will star Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenburg. Stewart was the break-out star in the Twilight series and recently appeared in Snow White and the Huntsman. Jesse Eisenburg recently appeared in Now You See Me and Zombieland. He was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in The Social Network.

The project will be produced by Anthony Bregman and Kevin Scott Frakes. The screenplay is written by Max Landis and will be directed by Nima Nourizadeh (Project X). The film begins principal photography on April 14, 2014 in New Orleans. Lionsgate will release the movie nationwide in 2015.

Term Life

Executive producer of "Term Life." If Nick Barrow can stay alive for 21 days, he'll die happy. Everyone Nick knows wants him dead; Mob bosses, contract killers, and dirty cops. Performing the last act of a desperate man, Nick takes out a million dollar insurance policy on himself, payable to his estranged daughter. The problem? The policy doesn't take effect for 21 days. Nick knows they'll be lucky to be alive for twenty-one hours.

The screenplay is written by AJ Lieberman based on the novel by Nick Thornborrow. The film will be directed by Peter Billingsley (Couples Retreat). The film begins principal photography in April in Atlanta.

The film will star Vince Vaughn and Hailee Steinfeld. A Hollywood veteran, Vaughn has starred in favorites like Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball, Swingers and The Internship. Steinfeld recently appeared in Ender's Game and True Grit. Term Life marks the first time Steinfeld and Vaughn have worked together.

The project will be produced by Bill Block, Kevin Scott Frakes, Vince Vaughn and Victoria Vaughn. Production credits include Palmstar Entertainment, Worldview Entertainment, and Wild West Picture Show Productions. Universal will release the movie nationwide in 2015.

Reach Me

Producer of "Reach Me," an uplifting ensemble story of about a dozen featured characters, where lives intertwine and eventually collide as a result of a self-published motivational book and its anonymous author.

The characters affected by the story come from all walks of life, including hitmen, a rapper, mobsters, a priest and an undercover agent. When the characters attend a speaking event by the revealed author, there is no shortage of fireworks.

The project is written and directed by John Herzfield. The dynamic cast includes Sylvester Stallone, Kelsey Grammer, Nelly, Kevin Connolly, Kyra Sedgwick, Tom Berenger, Thomas Jane, Danny Aiello, Terry Crews, David O'Hara, Omari Hardwick, Lauren Cohan, Elizabeth Henstridge, Cary Elwes and Ryan Kwante. The soundtrack will include the debut of Nelly's new collaboration with Nelly Furtado.

The film will also be produced by Rebekah Chaney and Cassian Elwes. The film begins principal photography November 5, 2012 in Los Angeles.

Hateship, Friendship

Executive Producer of the upcoming comedy, "Hateship, Friendship." Based on the short stories by Alice Munro "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage," the film centers on a nanny hired by an elderly man and his granddaughter.

The nanny falls for a callous prank by the wild teenage girl, which unintentionally orchestrates a romance between her new caretaker and her troubled widowed father. While the father is quite surprised by the unraveling of events, ultimately, it is a prank that the teenage girl does not regret.

The film begins principal photography on October 22, 2012 in New Orleans.

The role of the nanny will star Kristen Wiig, a breakout performer of the blockbuster comedy 'Bridesmaids' and Saturday Night Live. The film will mark the first production for Wiig in New Orleans, LA. The father will be played by Guy Pearce, who has appeared in over 50 movies, including 'Iron Man 3', 'The King's Speech' and 'Momento'.

The daughter will be played by Hailee Steinfield, the Academy Award nominee in 'True Grit'. Hailee will also star in the much anticipated 'Ender's Game'. Three-time Academy Award nominee, Nick Nolte, who has appeared in over 90 movies, including 'The Thin Red Line', 'Warrior' and 'Cape Fear' will star as the grandfather.

The Butler

Windy Hill is excited to announce that Buddy Patrick will be a producer of "The Butler," a film chronicling the life of White House head butler Eugene Allen. The film is a powerful story about Allen's role in the White House and his struggles to maintain a relationship with his son during the changing tides and civil unrest that swept through our nation in the 1960's.

Over the course of his career, Allen served eight presidents from 1952 to 1986 and had a unique front-row seat as political and racial history was made, from the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the Cold War, the Watergate scandal, the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

The role of the butler will be played by Academy Award Winning Best Actor, Forest Whitaker. Academy Award nominee Oprah Winfrey will star as his wife. Other cast members include Robin Williams, Jane Fonda, James Marsden, Minka Kelly, Alex Pettyfer, Mariah Carey, Alan Rickman, John Cusack, Vanessa Redgrave, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lenny Kravitz, Liev Schrieber, Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard, and David Oyelowo.

The film will be directed by Academy Award nominee Lee Daniels. The film began principal photography on July 23, 2012 in New Orleans and will premiere August 16, 2013 nationwide. To view the trailer click here.

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The tax credits are fully transferable and Louisiana has no limit to the amount of incentives that can be earned by a single production. However, the credits cannot be applied or transferred until the expenditures are certified by the LED Office of Entertainment Industry Development.

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